107 Days – Should Dean Karnazes win an ESPYS Award?

Anyone who has read one or two of my blogs definitely knows my opinion on this matter. I remember a year ago, sitting at the ESPYS Awards myself, thinking about how sad it was that a man like Dean Karnazes would never be recognized in an award show like this. This year, he proved me wrong.

Many people think that Dean has been overrated as an ultrarunner. Sure, many runners have accomplished his feats and more. He is famous for his Western States run but Tim Twietmeyer has completed it 25 times all in under 24 hours. Sam Thompson ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days before Dean did. Dean attempted to set a world record running on a treadmill in New York City for 24 hours straight and missed the mark by miles. But something I have learned from Dean is that heroes aren’t heroes because they are super human. Heroes are heroes because of the kind of people that they are and the difference that they have made in the world. Anyone who doubts that should look at the amount of money that he has raised for Karno Kids to get kids active at younger ages. Many people don’t know this, but that was the reason behind the Endurance 50. They should look at the children’s lives that he saved by doing The Relay solo year after year. Beyond that, Dean took the time to care enough to write an e-mail to my dear friend Jack when he failed at his first try at Western States. He still checks in with me and loves to hear the stories about my races, never boasting of his own that far surpass mine! Look into the eyes of any E50 runner that met him along his journey. All of our lives have been changed just by taking part in his adventure. Mine certainly has.

To vote for Dean, go to: http://espn.go.com/espy2007/index.html#/vote/ and scroll down to Best Outdoor Athlete.

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