108 Days – Baby, there’s a shark in the water!

It was my last day of 2010 at Team CrossFit Academy and I was excited that I was able to start hanging with the likes of Elise on some of the lifts. We were paired together for deads and presses that day and I happened to ask her about her athletic background. When she said swimming, a light switch went off in my head. I’d been wanting an excuse to start swimming again and this seemed the perfect opportunity. Before I knew it, we were planning our first event together… the Alcatraz Challenge!

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. I do, however, believe in setting goals with deadlines. Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta and that trip every year marks the end of another year. I didn’t hit any of the goals I set out to achieve at the end of last year, although I came very close to a few of them. No one can knock me for setting the bar too low on the things I set out to achieve! But truthfully, many of them shifted as the year progressed and I no longer wanted to pursue them. But I did accomplish a few things I didn’t think I would. I competed in a figure competition. I learned a valuable lesson… that my heart was in performance, not in how I looked. I shelfed ultrarunning in place of finding my home in a sport where I could feel more competitive. I played coach with some online programming for some hungry, out of state athletes and had a blast with that.

I’m getting better and better every day. I was fortunate enough to get to know another Academy member named Gary Vitullo, a chiropractor, who helped me identify my injury as not only an avulsion fracture but a rotated sacrum. That is where most of my pain was resonating from. And with his help, it looks like I will be back to training again within about 3 more weeks!

As I look forward to next year, three different goals seem to stand out to me. And I intend to achieve all of them. First and foremost, beating Eric at Derby Day. Yes, my injury set me back but my head is still in the game and I will come back mid January fighting. And training for that is just fun… really fun! I also want to become a strong enough runner to help me Ragnar Relay team place in April. But those two goals work hand in hand. The next is my Alcatraz crossing with Elise. I’m excited about that for a lot of reasons. I love the idea of two bad ass CrossFit women, training hard together towards a challenging goal. I also want to see if I’m still the swimmer that I once was. I left it, as well as my shot at training for the Olympic team years ago when I was paired up with the wrong coach who made me hate the sport. Well, now I have the right one, for sure. And it’s about time I get back into the water and see what I’m capable of. Maybe this will be my opportunity to do something great. Only one way to find out! Welcome, 2011. I’ve been waiting for you…

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