11 Days – Dream Chasing

“Oh!  Here we are,”  Joe called out.  “This is where the two deer had sex!!”

“WHAT?”  I laughed.  “How do you figure?”

“See!”  He smiled.  Right by this tree!”  Sure enough,  hoof tracks were scattered all along the ground.  Clearly something had gone down.

“How do you know they weren’t fighting?”  Hope asked.

“Joe’s a lover, not a fighter!”  I giggled.

“EXACTLY!”  he admitted proudly.

As important as coming to practice and leaving huffing and puffing with nothing left, were these days too.  My mind needed a little rest from racing to come down from Ragnar and prepare for the task at hand in only two weeks and today was a perfect morning for it.  15 of our most ‘Arrogant’ Bastards had just finished a 5 mile run/hike up part of our 50k course and Joe had offered to take Hope, Mark, Dawn and I on a little adventure down a single track on the way back, the direction he had detoured on the way up.  Typically Joe loves to fly down the hills, but today he took it easy on us, as we talked and laughed along the way, telling stories and enjoying a very East Coast type of trail right here in the middle of Southern California, passing through a stream and enjoying the tall, beautiful trees.

The next morning I had yet another big adventure ahead of me on my quest to learn the trails.  I was notorious for getting lost, even during well marked races and as much as I hated Eric for not giving me step by step directions to ‘The Bastard’ course, I had to admit I was a little grateful for being forced to finally starting to learn my mountains.  At about 9am, Carl dropped me off at the base of Chantry and I headed off on my adventure to find my car at the Mt. Wilson Trailhead.  As I glanced down at the parking lot at Chantry about a mile from the parking lot, I realized that if I didn’t get into Western States, Monya and I would be conquering these very trails together next summer, with Eric’s Jeep parked down there, waiting to take over 3rd shift pacing duties at the AC100.  It was a wonderful reunion of fellow ultrarunners on the trails that beautiful Sunday morning, including Wilson who I was starting to believe actually LIVED in the campgrounds as much as I saw him out there.  It was less secluded than my original 11 mile journey a few weeks ago, but just secluded enough to be alone with my thoughts.  I was really happy for my decision to wait on my 50 mile race until I was 100% ready, as it still seemed like I was trying to get my legs back underneath me from being sick for so long.  But with my back getting stronger, my energy  returning and my mind getting edgy for some kind of great adventure, I realize it’s time to chase another epic goal again.  Before I knew my Bastards, or even the Moose or Donn, there was Western States, that in a rather round about way, lead me to all those important people in my life.  So there is nothing more appropriate than going back to my roots, with a road trip up North with Donn himself, to chase our dreams together once again.

11 Days…

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