110 Days Till I Qualify For The Western States Endurance Challenge

It was about 2pm on Saturday in a beautiful place in Pacifica, California when I finally heard those three magic words that every girl longs to hear from her boyfriend: “Yes, you’re tough.”

Okay, well maybe not EVERY girl… but for an endurance runner, they certainly felt good to hear. It was there in that park that Brian was officially inducted into that elite yet slightly mentally challenged club of ultrarunners. He completed his first 50k.

As he struggled through the challenges that every runner faces on their first big race, I took my time completing the 30k and allowed my thoughts to wander back to Western States. Qualifying this year seemed next to impossible. I would have to run a 50 mile race in under 11 hours. The only 50 milers that were feasable for me to participate in were challenging courses. My only option among them was Helen Klein, where many WS100 runners qualify. Unfortunately, that was the same weekend as the New York City Marathon which Brian would be running. I wanted more than anything to be there for him, especially since this would probably be his Boston Marathon qualifying race.

However, there was one more option.┬áTo qualify for WS100 you could run any 100 miler within the time frame of that race. In October, San Diego had a 100 miler with a low elevation change and a 32 hour cut off time. Where there is a will, there is a way. I am not sure how I am going to do it yet, but mark my words, I will do it. And so the training for my first 100 mile race begins…

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