121 Days – A little hiccup…

Let me preface this entry with a little disclaimer. CrossFit IS NOT dangerous! Athletes get hurt no matter what sport they choose. If I walked into my CrossFit facility every day and did everything that my coach told me to do perfectly, I would never be injured… EVER. But we are human and we make mistakes. The day I fell off the pull up bar I did not listen to my instructors and chalk up before jumping in the bar. The bar itself did not jump out of the wall and break my tailbone. If you are in a car accident, it is not the car’s fault, and you wouldn’t stop using a car because of it. Being more physically active than the next person does expose you to more instances to getting injured… it’s a fact of life. And being a little clumsy myself, it really ends up being me that’s dangerous to me, not my sport.
With all that being said, I begin my story. Things had been going great… like really great. I had been moving more load then ever before, I was getting stronger and faster. I was starting on the road to becoming the racer I’d always wanted to be. On Thursday, when I headed to class after a day full of heavy squats, I was definitely hurting a little but excited about the advances I was making. Besides, my doctor had told me it was ok to push through to tolerance with my tailbone pain. I loaded up the bar to do deadlifts at 155… with my max being 215, it really wasn’t that high a weight for me to be moving. But something didn’t feel right. As I finished up, I went to practice my pull ups and snapping my hip became incredibly painful. I decided to call it a day and headed home. By the time I was home I could barely walk.
Four doctors and 6 types of drugs later, none of which were doing a bit of good, I finally started to get some answers. I finally saw the x-rays that showed my broken tailbone and for the first time, realized how bad the break actually was. The bone was manipulated pretty far to the left. But that wasn’t the problem. The ligaments attached to the bone on the right side were overstretched and now starting to tear. My muscles in that area had become stronger than the ligaments could support.
As hard headed as I can be, hearing the words ‘you will never be able to lift heavy weights again’ still felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach. I’ve laughed it off to my friends the last few days, saying ‘Screw the doc, clearly he doesn’t know me that well!’ I do believe that I will overcome this somehow, but I know I have a long road ahead and I’m sad. I don’t want to be the broken athlete… I want to be the one that overcomes all my little hiccups and rises to the top and does something really great.
As you can see, I’m still counting down the days till April and have not given up that goal. Fortunately, the first thing I should be able to do is run. I am grateful for that and I can’t wait to start recovering. 7 days into this I still feel the same amount of pain. Right now my big goal is just to get well enough to make the flight back home to Atlanta for Christmas.
So yeah, I’m a little broken right now… physically and mentally. But I know somehow I will come back stronger, with more life experience to help others that go through this too. I know keeping a positive attitude is important and I’m trying. I miss the support of my friends and starting my day in Monrovia… I feel like a better person in general when I do that. We don’t quit and we don’t give up when we hit a bump in the road. Those people and my life there is my inspiration to figure this out as quick as I can.

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Rendi August 17, 2012 at 12:12 pm

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