132 Days – The Run For The Hungry 5k

“How do I keep from getting bruises on my shins when I do dips?” I asked Carl one day.

“Get strong enough so that you don’t have to use the band.”

I gave him a sideways look “Have you been hanging out with LeClair, smart ass?”

But on Friday, the day after the Run For The Hungry 5k, I did just that… I achieved my very first bar dip!

As certainly as CrossFit will suddenly surprise you with a strength you never knew you had, it will answer back, revealing things that are still weaknesses. I both love and hate it for that.

I wouldn’t say that the 5k went badly. There were some definite wins that day, but mostly, I was just made hyper aware of things that I needed to work on. Carl and I had a plan going into that day. It was really my only opportunity to run a race like that with Eric before Derby Day. Since I wasn’t strong enough yet to stay with him the whole way, my plan was to tail him to the turn around to get used to his pace, learn how he races, etc. Carl was going to run with me and when I fell off, just to have a little fun, Carl was going to stay behind Eric, shouting encouragements to me, as if I was still behind him. However, the night before the race, I received a text from Eric that was about to change my mind as to how I would run the race.

I didn’t sleep well that night. Racing my own PRs was one thing, but the idea of racing other people now was something I definitely wasn’t used to. I arrived to the race a little nervous, and that was quickly amplified by Eric’s idea of pitting Shannon and I against each other. Shannon was the #2 fastest girl in the Academy, right before me, and her 5k time was almost as strong as Eric’s.

I felt strong in the beginning of the race and kept wanting to go faster. Carl paced me and helped me not take off too fast, something that I do often. As I raced up the first climb, I felt great. I kept Eric in my sights for about the first 2 miles of the race and was excited to see that although I was still a little ways back, he wasn’t that far ahead. We were over two miles into the race when I asked Carl how far back Shannon was. “About 10 feet,” he said. My race ended when he said that. She passed me and I detonated. I finished about 25 seconds behind her at 24:16.

I learned a few things about myself that day… the way I ran the first half of that race with ease, I’m stronger than I think I am which is a good thing. But the bad side of that is that I need to start believing that I am as strong as I am or I’m setting myself up to be passed by people I’ve convinced myself are faster than me. If racing Shannon is mentally getting to me, what’s going to happen when I take on Eric, who is pretty much mental strength personified!

The next few months will be filled with some of the hardest work of my life. I’m fairly certain most people still don’t think I can pull this off. I can’t wait to prove them wrong!

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