149 Days – Threshold

One thing that always really interests me about people is learning about their different abilities to manage pain and meet challenges. What is their threshold? When do they break? When they are met with that challenge, do they back off or do they challenge back, two fold? And what experiences in life will one person face versus another and how does that shape them? For me, the most intense athletic endeavors I will ever face are probably both my 100 mile race and lining up to the start line of Derby Day in a few months. But what about those that stand at the start line of an Olympic event, representing their entire country? I couldn’t dare to imagine that! And you think I’M nervous about my new challenge? That’s a whole new level.

On the topic of representing your country, today is Veteran’s Day. I’ve always held my friends that served in the military at a higher level entirely. My threshold of being able to last through a 16 hour work day is nothing in comparison to theirs of serving 6 months in Iraq. I feel that the people that I train with every day have brought a new standard into my life from their years of service. It has made me a better athlete and a better person. They’ve taught me how to work hard and helped me meet my potential in all aspects. I feel really grateful that my life has taken the turn that it has and lead me to my friends in Monrovia.

So another week is almost down… can you believe it’s been three weeks since I opened my big mouth and bet Eric I could beat him in a 5k? What has happened in those weeks? I got 3rd out of 162 gals in a 5k, I PRed both my deadlift and my bench press. Hmmm… I’d say I’m on a good path! And the most important part… I’m happy, motivated and inspired. Back to work, and hopefully off to see my wonderful friends tonight to celebrate Veteran’s Day together. Thank you, to each of you, for all that you have given to me and how much better my life is for knowing you!

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