15 Days – Why my world doesn’t need a Super MAN

One of my dearest friends Joey always calls me Wonder Woman, for the seemingly impossible running goals I set for myself on a regular basis. To be honest, I am about as non-superheroish as one can be. At 6am this morning, when my alarm went off, the cold and the sound of a light rain storm convinced me to push my long run to the afternoon, when the weather would be more accomodating. One thing I have not mentioned much in this blog are the chronic conditions that I face every day. Mostly because I don’t want them to define me. At a very young age I was diagnosed with asthma and had ongoing letters written to my P.E. teachers from my doctors telling them to let me out of any running activities that could aggravate it. Just after high school, I was diagnosed with a disease called JRA (AKA: Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis). I was to immediately back off from any demanding physical activity and go on medication for the rest of my life. One doctor even told me to expect my hands to start deforming by the time I was 21. At 29, I am not on any medication for either condition and am very glad I didn’t listen to my doctors. No deformation of any kind has occured. But, when the rain comes, sometimes I am forced to back off a bit from my training. I used to push through it, but generally that tends to be more damaging. I guess you could say that rain is my kryptonite.

Joey had surgery on Monday for a condition he has called sleep apnea. It is a painful proceedure that involves removing both the tonsils and part of the tongue. I rented some movies over the past few days and the two of us have been catching up on some much needed couch potato bonding time.

I think we all underestimate ourselves and our strength. As I blow off the Wonder Woman comments as Joey simply not understanding that it is just the power of will, maybe I don’t understand truly the magic that is inside of me that pushes me to succeed at unfathomable goals.

Last night I followed the routine that I have for the past week now, curling up to ‘Between A Rock And A Hard Place’ and reading a few of Aron Ralston’s adventures before my mind began to fade off into sleep. My dreams lead me to a happy place, climbing the Colorado Fourtneeners in the dead of winter with Aron and his friends in the Albuquerque search and rescue team. We pulled each other out of an avalanch, survived hypothermia and spoke of our adventures around a warm cabin fire following shortly thereafter. Other women read his book and I am sure imagine other things about the hot young adventurer. But then again, I am not like other women, am I? Wonder Woman? I don’t know about that… but I certainly don’t need a Superman.

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