157 Days Till I Beat Eric at the Derby Day 5k!

Okay, so it’s not that I’m not looking forward to my race with Shannon… I’m actually super stoked about that. But something else has developed a life of it’s own over the past few weeks and as I prepare for my next big goal, there’s only one appropriate day to be counting down to on this blog… my race with Eric!

On Sunday morning I lined up to the first of many in a series of 5k races I would take on in the next few months, in the attempt to become a pro at racing that distance. If I ever had a tendency to take off too fast, God knows it would happen at Derby Day and I needed to learn how to pace myself well. The gun went off and so did we, up a steep half mile incline… okay, apparently not a PR race. I didn’t check out the course prior to signing up and I’m actually rather glad that I didn’t. On a flatter course, I might PR or at least match my old one, but I wasn’t going to come close to Eric’s yet, not without some practice on challenging courses. This was definitely one of those. I pushed HARD… every moment of that run was painful. I crossed the finish line pissed at a time that was two minutes slower than my PR and even moreso that I found myself in the bushes throwing up only a few moments after finishing. That was new.

“Unacceptable,” I said to Carl as he approached me after the race, referring to my time. He took my hand as we headed over to the results booth. I had placed 3rd out of 162 girls in my age group. And 4th was over a minute behind me. I breathed a sigh of relief… I guess the course had been pretty hard after all.

This week of training has been fun… really fun! Between the new nutrition program kicking in, 4 lbs of weight loss, the return of my olympic lift PRs and the playful, public banter between Eric and I, I’m feeling motivated, for sure. Just a few weeks ago I sat in his office fighting some kind of weird quasi post-competition eating disorder and depressed that I didn’t have a goal. I think that problem is solved! Fasten your seat belts folks… it’s going to be a bumpy 5 months!!

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