171 Days – Mt Baldy Adventure!

“You ok?”  Mark shouted up to me.  I wasn’t really that far ahead but the high winds at almost 10k feet of altitude made it hard to stay upright, much less hear the person behind you.

“Yep!”  I shouted back, while stopping to catch my breath.  “Just admiring the view of course!”

“Of course!  You certainly picked a doozie for your first long run back!”

For a second, I was jealous that Dawn had snagged Mark for her pacing team before I could.  He was a much better runner than I was, and yet he stayed behind me and complained about the difficulty level right along with me, even though I think he was probably doing it for my sake.  Mark will be a great pacer.  But I was very happy with my decision as well.  As of this week, my team was secured.  Monya, of course, for the first section, and my friend and running partner through many adventures, David Adams, would be taking over the Chantry to finish portion with me.  Knowing pacers are in place is motivating.  Suddenly your success becomes about more than just you.

I was surprised how easily I slid back into a 6 day a week training program.  It took 3 weeks, but good nutrition combined with sheer will and motivation seemed to be pushing me in the right direction.  Not to mention my coach, Shannon at CrossFit Survival, who really went out of her way to set up a strength training program that compliments my running immensely.  I was definitely getting stronger, without burning myself out so much that I could not have successful training runs.

Saturday morning, after the first official Mt. Wilson training run, Mark and I headed up to Mt. Baldy to meet Alexa and her friends Becky and Victoria.  They are both extremely talented runners.  Victoria is also in a relationship with ultrarunning legend, Dean Dobberteen, who joined us as well.  He was nice enough to run along with Mark and I till the ski lodge before respectfully leaving me in the dust, and Mark to babysit my remains to the top!  I was surprised that we weren’t actually TOO far behind the others when we finally made it there, but I doubt any of them were really going that hard based on what they were capable of.

The views were spectacular, as always, and reminded me how much I loved to be out there!  And the hamburger that Mark treated me to at the ski lodge was probably the best one I had ever tasted!  It may have had a LITTLE to do with the distance just shy of a half marathon that I had covered on a pretty tall mountain.  Maybe!

I am really looking forward to the Angeles Crest 100 this year.  For me, this type of thing does not come naturally, so I know I cannot just throw part of myself into it.  AC needs ALL and I’m prepared to give it!

171 Days…


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