172 Days – Earning Butterflies

When I was a little girl. I loved butterflies. Not pink and purple butterfly designs or the child-like equivalent, but legitimately the bug itself. I would befriend the little creatures when I found them out in my yard and especially one in particular that I named Lisa. Every night Lisa would fly up to our back porch and I would let her in the screened door. Every morning I would let her out and she would fly around the yard, landing on me occasionally. She continued this pattern for about a week before her life span came to an end.

I learned when I got older that Lisa was an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly and that this behavior never would have occured in a butterfly like this or in any other. The world is an amazing thing with many miracles.
Saturday morning, I got up early to run with the Goats. It was a crisp 31 degrees as I parked my car and joined the others. Most of my usual running buddies were not there so I opted to run on my own. I wanted to start testing myself and seeing what I was capable of. I took off quickly and didn’t look back. Only Brian and 2 other Goats were in front of me and I expected the others to begin passing me at any time. I ran hard, but at a pace that was still manageable. In the back of my head was Coach LeClair’s voice from Thursday. “Don’t settle for being in the back Summer…” No one was racing me, but I was definitely racing myself. When we reached a turn in the road, I looked back to ask another runner where to go. I turned around and I didn’t see anyone. Surely I took a wrong turn. I kept running and saw the two other faster runners not too far ahead. I followed them. For 10 miles, I ran hard but I felt good. I was the 4th Goat to finish that morning and my friends jokingly asked what I had for breakfast.
On Sunday, before I left for Atlanta, I made a stop by a place called ‘High Voltage,’ a tattoo shop where my friend Adam from CrossFit works. He designed a beautiful butterfly tattoo just for me to help me commemorate my Javelina finish. It felt earned and seemed only appropriate.
I’m excited about where my life is leading me right now. I am happier now than I have been in quite some time and I feel as if I finally have the support in my life that I need to reach my goals. I’m ready to see what my potential might actually be if I really put my mind to becoming a better athlete. First stop: ATY, a 24 hour race that I will run only 6 days from today. My body has not changed that much in a few weeks, but one thing that is changing is my mind. I do not expect to hit any unrealistic goals but what I will do is set the bar a little higher. If a silly little butterfly can reach beyond it’s limitations and become something greater than it was intended to be, surely I can too.

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Samantha August 17, 2012 at 10:44 am

Any suggestions on conmig back from hamstring injury. I seem to be healthy physically but I also seem to have broken my brain. There seems to be a loss of intensity. I am the ultimate running scared right now. After two runs I was convinced that I was going to blow up my hamstring. Tried to just focus op pose running. When I got back home I checked my times and they were about 10-20 sec faster per 600m than two months ago. And I know I can run cause my box had an 800m run as part of a WOD on Tuesday and I was faster than the others without any pain. Frustrated!!! Any thoughts out there?


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