26 Days – Too much of a good thing… can be wonderful!

“Hey look!”  I smiled, pulling a glowstick off a tree. “A course marking!”

“You know… you just ruined a conversation topic for runners who have come up here on weekend adventures,”  Monte said.

It was a Saturday morning and I was where I usually am at this time every week… deep in the Angeles National Forest with a few of my trail racing friends.  Today it was Monte, Lauren, Chris Loo, Shawn and I who decided on the ‘long course’ that would take me past the mile 85 mark for the Angeles Crest 100 course.  I hadn’t been up there since before the race itself.

Originally I had planned on a shorter run that morning, but as I started moving, I felt really good.  Lauren and I kept leap frogging each other up the long climb, and it was nice to finally get to know her a little better.  She is an intern at Team CrossFit Academy – a strong lifter and quickly becoming a really good runner among the team as well.  As a coach, I knew I should be the one inspiring people, but between Lauren, Monya, Dawn… among others… the women among this team inspired me day after day.  With the Rio Del Lago 100 only a few weeks away, it was a good day to get in a nice long quality run, and somehow everything in life seems to resolve itself on the trails.

As I ran through the trails that have been my stomping grounds for the last 9 months, while training for AC, I let my mind wander over the last few weeks.  I felt like I was in my own personal game of musical chairs… scouting out the next available seat, wondering who would be sitting next to me when the music stopped, and who would be out of the game entirely.   Relationships in my life were changing, evolving, some people leaving while others were emerging from places I could not have anticipated.  And then there were others that were constants – people that I knew would be there next to me forever, growing up along side me.  I’ve learned how to embrace those people, make mistakes with them, learn from them, while accepting that life has this amazing way of replacing what it removes, assuming you do not try to hold on to something that shouldn’t be there.

On both Saturday and Sunday afternoons I found myself back at the new Team CrossFit Academy building to help facilitate another ever changing and evolving community and their upcoming goals.  I’d spent a lot of time here over the last few weeks painting, thinking, figuring out that perfect balance between my own goals and my career.  My life seemed so full, it was becoming difficult to give my all to every aspect of it.

But after a little bit of self realization and a lot of rest, what was seeming to overwhelm me just a few weeks ago, has suddenly really encouraged me now.  I am so fortunate for everything I have in my life – a great job, an amazing coaching gig, wonderful friends, and I am able to be a key player in a community that I love so much.  What better way to celebrate what I have, than a road trip up to the Western States trails to conquer yet another 100 mile race with one of those constant friends, Monya, by my side.

26 Days!

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Steve Crane September 11, 2012 at 3:35 am

Hey Summer – Can’t wait for RDL. That buckle is yours!


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