27 Days – A goal is a dream with a deadline.

It has been a good week to say the least. Since I first started running marathons, I had this overwhelming desire to coach. If I could do something like that with my physical restraints, certainly other people could too. What if someone like me, the asthmatic, arthritic girl who always got a note from her doctors to sit out of gym class as a child, could show someone else what they were capable of too? So a few years ago I played coach to a group of my friends who I trained to run their first half marathon and had a blast. When I first entered CrossFit, I was studying to get my ACSM certification. Coach LeClair told me to stop doing that, try out CrossFit, and then get my Level 1 certification. A year later, I am signed up to get it.
Even with that, it would be a long time before I could coach. I would have to get much more proficient in weightlifting and would of course need the experience of an internship. What I didn’t expect was the opportunity of a lifetime that I was given this week. A new facility will be opening in the Rancho Santa Margarita area and I could potentially head up the CrossFit Kids division. Before I knew it, I was signed up for the kids certification. Coaching children… why hadn’t that crossed my mind before? I can’t think of anything more rewarding or more fitting for me.

This morning I woke up from a very happy weekend. I had met everyone from the new facility the night before. I learned that BMack and his girlfriend Shawna would be joining us at Javelina. I had also met Amanda… a beautiful and very gifted CrossFitter, who had moved out here from Seattle to set up the new box. Amanda, Carl and I headed out to CrossFit Newport when we woke up. It was deadlifting day. I was nervous. I had a big goal of a 200lb lift before Javelina. Was today my day? That would be a 20 lb PR.

Amanda and Carl coached me through as I worked my way up to my current 180 lb PR. Butt back… drive through your heels… engage abs. How the hell was I to add 20 lbs to this? I was lucky just to get 180 off the ground.

Somehow 185 came and went and then 190. Time for one more lift. I loaded up 195. I turned to Carl… ‘Can I just put 5 more on and see what happens?’ He nodded and grabbed two 2.5 lb plates. There was no backing down from this. It was my chance at a huge goal. In my mind I saw the finish line of Javelina. I saw the clock ticking… 26:50…26:51… This was my finish line.

200 lbs came off the ground easier than I ever expected. One goal down… 2 more to go.

Training for this week was as follows:

Sunday 9-27-09

Tempo Run (80%) at Runyan Caynon – 33:40 (fastest before CrossFit was 40 minutes)

14 burpees

Monday 9-28-09

Heavy back squat – PR at 120lbs

Work skill of pull up

16 burpees

Tuesday 9-29-09
17 burpees

Wednesday 9-30-09

5 Rounds:

5 KB swings (53 lbs to waist height)
15 KB swings (26lbs, full swings)
30 sit ups
20 squats

17 burpees

Thursday 10-01-09

Burgener warm up for Clean – worked skill

10 x 53 lb cleans

18 burpees

Friday 10-2-09

Parnter work out with Carl… 10 Rounds:

10 KB swings with 53lb (waist high)
while parner holds plank, then switch

Time : 10:12

19 burpees

Saturday 10-3-09

Tempo Run (80%) at Witing Woods Motorway
3 miles to top (42:40) jog down.

20 burpees

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