34 Days – The CrossFit Endurance Way

Often I am asked by both people in the ultrarunning community and those that know nothing about ultrarunning, how the heck I can get ready for a 100 mile race only training up to 13 miles. I give them the simple answer… 5-6 days a week of CrossFit, 2-3 days of CrossFit Endurance. Then those that actually want to check it out go to the main site of CrossFit and see a workout like what was posted yesterday called Angie (100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats) and not realizing that I scale almost every workout that I do with CrossFit, they immediately write it off as something they could never do. So here it is… every Sunday I will post my last weeks worth of workouts so that you can see what I REALLY do and how 13 miles of training DOES get you into a position that you can run 100 miles. Please note that none of this works if you do not pair it with a paleo diet.

Sunday 9-20-09

CFE WOD – 5 min sprint x 3. Rest 3 minutes between each 5 minute run.
(7 burpees)

Monday 9-21-09

CF WOD – 30 minutes, AMRAP (As many rounds as possible):

800 Meter Sprint
10 pull ups (kipping attempts, I cannot yet do a pull up)
10 push ups (on my knees so that I can get full range of motion, chest to ground)
10 box jumps

*completed 4 rounds

(8 burpees)

Tuesday 9-22-09

CF WOD – 5 rounds:

15 sit ups
10 presses (with 8 lb weights, alternating hands)
15 KB swings (with 26 lb kettlebells)

Finish time : 10:54

(9 burpees)

Wednesday 9-23-09


(10 burpees)

Thursday 9-24-09

CF WOD – 4 Rounds:

200 meter sprint
20 squats
10 push ups (on knees)
5 rail rows (same as ring rows, but laying underneath the railing of my stairway and pulling myself up)

Finish time: 11:53

(11 burpees)

Friday 9-25-09

CF WOD – 5 Rounds:

5 hand stand push ups (feet bent back, using couch as support)
5 rail rows
10 Deadlifts (with 53 lb kettlebell)
20 sit ups

Finish time: 13:11

(12 burpees)

Saturday 9-26-09

CFE WOD – 1 minute sprint, 20 second rest x 18. Followed by 50 burpees

(13 burpees)

Goals before Javelina:

1) Sub 2 hour half marathon

2) 200 lb Deadlift (currently at 180)

3) Pull up

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