36 Days till the Western States Endurance Run

Only a little over one month from now I will be sitting at the Forresthill checkpoint waiting for my runner to come in. It will be late Saturday night / Sunday morning but I won’t be tired. I’ll be wrapped up in a blanket cheering for the other runners as they pass. Among those runners, of course, will be Dean. Running in Western States, even as a pacer, is still surreal to me. Somehow I feel like becoming an ultrarunner was somehow a fluke, but there will be no fluke involved to run the last 38 miles of one of the hardest courses in the country.

Saturday morning, Brian and I rose at the crack of dawn. He was out of bed about an hour before I was, heading to the gym for a swim before taking on the Malibu Creek Challenge Trail Run. I was up getting ready for the Revlon Run/Walk for Women 5k. That event is yearly for me and I do it in honor of my grandmother who died of cancer. I met Chad at his place and we headed out around 6:30am. The event itself was nice, but hard to run for speed since there were so many walkers to dodge. About 55,000 people took part in it this year. We finished together in 30:12. 10 minutes later my phone rang. Brian had finished his 14 mile race in 1:57. Later we found out that he placed 13th overall and 2nd in his division, beating every girl in. That was his claim to fame for the day.

On Friday we leave for Hawaii for his triathlon, then it is back to LA for a road trip to San Fran to participate in the Memorial Day training run for Western States. That is where I meet Jack, the man that I will be pacing. Life is good right now. It is busy, but it is happy. I am excited to see where the events of the next few weeks take me.

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