38 Days Until The Goofy Challenge!

After a few weeks down, I am officially ‘back in the game.’ The sciatica still effects me, but I have reached a point that I can slowing run a little more each day. I took a Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and it seems to have helped me a lot in the healing process. Yoga is not my ‘thing.’ But I have an amazing teacher named Ted who with his teaching style has started to make it my thing. With that being said I officially announce my next event!

I signed up for The Goofy Challenge almost a year ago. The Disneyworld Marathon is a famous event known by runners worldwide. Because the half marathon takes place on a Saturday and the full takes place on a Sunday, last year they announced an event called The Goofy Challenge – which means you are just ‘goofy’ enough to run both. My dad will be travelling with me and running the half on Saturday along side me. I am so happy to be back in my training mode. Sometimes I think I need an injury here and there to make me appreciate the ability to run and train. Here I go again!

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