4 Days – Dreams can often become challenging, but challenges are what we live for.

Four days. Just four days until I finally make that step I have been planning to take for a year now from marathon runner to ultra runner. I can’t believe it is almost here.

The past few months have flown by. Between the insanity of work, training and maintaining a new relationship, let’s just say I have been busy. But it has been a good busy. I am finally getting a little bit of a break from a busy work schedule, which came just in time. Training has been, well, not exactly what I hoped it would be the month prior to my first 50 miler. An injury at the Georgia Marathon put me down for a few weeks. Maybe we will start there.

You would have thought it would be weird for me to board a plane headed to Atlanta with a guy I had only known for maybe a month, especially since I had NEVER brought a guy home with me for as long as I have lived in California. But for some reason, it wasn’t weird at all. The weekend flew by too fast. Brian, who originally didn’t plan to run, opted to do the race last minute and ran a PR. We celebrated by climbing Stone Mountain with my dad. I felt really complete that weekend. It was so nice to finally have someone in my life that would do those things with me. I love the fact that he didn’t even bat an eye when I asked him if he wanted to go climb the mountain after completing 26.2 miles. His response was ‘Sure!’

Back in LA, we both had our challenges to face. For him it was tax season, for me it was pilot season, and an inflamed IT band. But somehow we both got through it. And here we are, 5 days before his Newport Beach Triathlon and 4 days before Leona Divide. My dad is flying out today. I am REALLY doing this!

Again, this will not be easy. In true Summer fashion, my IT band will hurt right up until the day of the race and I believe that a wind advisory warning was issued for Saturday in Lake Hughes. Thank God I like challenges!

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