47 Days – Cars are overrated

Okay, it has been a while. And frankly, we have some catching up to do.

On February 10th, I boarded a boat to Catalina Island at 6:15am. One of my bosses and my friend, Jennifer was going to join me for the Buffalo Run, but unfortunately flu season decided to change that. I was excited about my adventure. And an adventure it definitely turned out to be.

I chose a seat next to a man that somewhat reminded me of my dad. His name was John and he was definitely a kind spirit and a young soul. We talked all the way to the island, sharing stories of our races. Although it was supposed to rain that day, the weather held out for us and it was an amazing race. John won 2rd in his category. We shared some tacos and beer by the ocean to celebrate and I met all his friends… those people that meet up once or twice a year to do the Catalina races. We rode back to Long Beach, said our goodbyes and that was it… until next year, John and new Catalina friends!

Almost 2 weeks later I found myself making a step in my personal life that I didn’t think I would make again for a very long time… but I was ready. I remember walking up to Oliva’s, an Italian Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, with a little knot in my stomach. Then I saw him – and I knew immediately who he was. His name is Brian and he’s a tax accountant in Beverly Hills. He is also an avid runner, such as myself. As I talked to him I realized that he might even be crazier than I am! He started to remind me of Clark Kent… a brainy, cute guy whose glasses mask the adventurer underneath. Tax accountant by day and super hero by, well, early morning and night. Brian and I spent the next two weeks e-mailing several times a day and working dates into his tax and my pilot seasons. Cut to yesterday – we lined up at the start of the LA Marathon and I had a day that finally matched and maybe topped the 4th of July.

Prior to the LA Marathon I had run almost 20 miles around Burbank and a little over 4 miles to the start of the race. This would be the first time I had completed a full 50 miles. Around mile 16 of the marathon, I started to feel it. By mile 24, I was in excruciating pain. And then there was Brian – he had finished the race and run back almost 2 miles to help me finish. It was a day of firsts for me. As I crossed the finish line I realized that this was a day I would always remember. For the first time I had completed a 50 mile run, and for the first time I had someone to share it with that truly understood what that meant to me. We celebrated with his friends at Korean BBQ that evening – two of which were first time marathon finishers.

Maybe at 29 years old, it’s not quite time yet for me to become bitter about love. Because behind the Clark Kent exterior, there might just be more than one Superman out there. I may not need a Superman, but then again, my life might just be that much richer if I just let one in.

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