55 Days – Round 2!

It was a rainy, dreary Sunday morning as I found myself racing up a hill behind one of my Team CrossFit Academy coaches, Jeff. We’d been here before, Jeff and I, in 5ks, half marathons, mud runs, leap frogging each other through an event, pushing us to achieve probably more than we would otherwise. A few years ago I never would have attempted a run like this on a rainy day. My joints have always been a factor in my work out regime, often aggravated by a change in barometric pressure. But since my gluten discovery, those issues were now almost non existent. I had to feel a little grateful for my run in the rain that beautiful morning with all of my friends.

Not half an hour before this, Carl and I had met 50+ CrossFitters at a local bar down the road, undeterred by the weather for the famous Beer to Bear to Beer run. Traditionally, you drink a beer… tag a bear at a trailhead and drink another beer. Some of us less alchoholically inclined would be passing on the beer and going straight for the run. And others, the opposite! We sat at one of the tables, guessing our time for the challenging 5 mile run. Carl grabbed my card and chuckled as he wrote in his prediction for me…. one second faster than Eric.

“Yeah, you laugh because you don’t have to live with the consequences of that in class next week!” I said giving him a crooked smile. But I appreciated the attempt at restoring my motivation. I must say it worked a little.

On a perfect day, the people I would be chasing were Trish and Hope. I did to a degree but I still felt that my body was lacking some of the strength and speed it once had. But finding my place among the pack with Jeff helped. He was a strong, steady runner and I fed off of his pace up and down the steep hill. I lost him in the distance about three miles in, until I saw another girl coming up behind me. That was all the motivation I needed. I took off as fast as I could. “Hey!!” Jeff smirked as I passed him a few hundred feet from the finish. I sprinted towards the end.

I finished in exactly 48 minutes, toward the front but not as close as I would like to have been. 2 minutes and 32 seconds behind Eric… but who’s counting?

This week I finally get to start with Jaquelyn Kay. After talking back and forth, it was a relief to know that she is happy with my programming at the Academy for what I am trying to achieve, plus I can still do short distance races while putting on muscle. My overall excitement and competitive spirit seems to be coming back and I absolutely can’t wait to see the changes in my body and performance by doing this a healthier way. Let’s do this!

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