57 Days – Motivated People Only

I usually loved Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Academy. I’d been known to switch around meetings or opening duties in the office just so that I could start my day getting my ass kicked by Eric, surrounded by my favorite people in the world. I learned all sorts of things in those classes. Not just how to throw weight around, but I learned about honesty, integrity, and everything I needed to face the challenges I had as a leader in my office. But it had been over a month since my competition and my body still didn’t seem to be running properly. I was still insanely hungry all the time, weighing myself a ridiculous amount of times a day, not to mention that my performance was crap. I had gained 14 lbs and NOT in a good way. And I didn’t want to go to class.

On Tuesday, I walked past the “Motivated People Only” sign on the front door and felt like an imposter. After my talk with Eric last week, I had felt better about everything, at least psychologically. I had stopped fighting my body and let it be where it was. I had accepted the fact that my ‘rebuild’ was not going to go at my pace and that I may feel a little crazy for a while. But for some reason it was still hard to walk in that door.

I was prepared for the usual… a few linear progression lifts followed by a met-con. But Eric had something else in mind for us. We took a gamble on 3 different unknown choices, and landed on a workout called ‘Fran,’ a WOD with a nasty reputation.

Fran consists of 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and pull ups. I asked Eric to help me pick a scaled weight for me and he chose 53 lbs. Even in my healthier, stronger days, I had never done this work out at more than 30 lbs. But I trusted him and loaded my bar. I was halfway through my second set of thrusters, struggling a little, Donna was counting and cheering for me, and suddenly a light switch flipped in my head.

Jackie, my new nutritionist had been out of town and unavailable to help me till her return. I had been waiting for her, thinking that her programming would be the solution to all my problems, and did very little to help myself while I was waiting. Then it dawned on me that I had an even better resource than even Jackie could give me at that moment. There was someone who knew me better than anyone, someone who had researched what I had been through and knew a LOT about nutrition and how to regulate my body. That person was me.

When I got home from class that day, I went back through my records and started programming my nutrition based on when I felt the best and incorporated things I had learned from both Joanne and Robb Wolf. I began to take the vitamins and suppliments that I had good responses from before and within just a few days, I had taken 3 lbs off, my energy was up and I was no longer craving food like I was.

Although I have a long way to go to get healthy again, I feel like I’m back on a good path. At night, I dream about new PRs and my race with Franklin in December. I’m slowly coming back to a good base point that will be easier for Jackie to help me build upon. At the end of the day, the goals that I choose are here to enhance my life and I need to make decisions based on that.

As I left the Academy on Thursday this week, I watched Eric proudly scan the new PRs on his spreadsheet. There weren’t many places that I could grace the tops of those pages for now, but there will be someday. And there is one area that I know I can do that, sooner rather than later. 57 Days…

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