58 Days – Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.

The picture above reflects mile 25 (Islip) to the finish of the Angeles Crest 100. The red parts have already burned, the yellow parts are still burning. The race was officially cancelled on Monday. This has truly been a tragedy to our community, and by that I don’t just mean the ultrarunners. The air quality here is terrible, so much so that our smoke is now drifting all the way to Colorado. It’s hard to feel anything beyond gloom and hopelessness when opening the door in the morning and seeing a thick yellowish brown cloud over everything, with snow like flakes falling around us, the only remains of our beautiful forrest.
With that being said, there is hope in this sadness. When I close my eyes at night I try not to think about the fires, and I have a wonderful image of what is to come. I see a group of us parked at Red Box, unloading our tools… Hal and Gary leading the way with all of us there… David, Vinnie, Catra, Andy, Brian, Jimmy, Kate, Michael, Jean, Froggie, Carl, BMack, Eric, Vanessa and Kellie… all ready to work and help our trails come back to life. It will truly bring us all together in a way we have never bonded before. We will be sad when we first see our trails, but soon our sadness will turn to smiles and laughter. It’s ok to be sad, but there is hope in all of this.
The day the race was cancelled, Jamil, the race director of Javelina, opened 50 more slots in the race specifically for the runners that were registered in Angeles Crest. So many familiar faces will be there that day. In two months we will all be ready to run together again and start planning the restoration of our playground.

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