A pain in the butt – quite literally!

All of us runners have been there. We develop some kind of nagging pain after a big race and think ‘if I ignore it, surely it will go away!’ It took me over a month, when I was at a point that I could barely walk, much less run, to head to the doctor.

It’s called sciatica, and I guess it is fairly common in runners. I can say in all honesty that it is one of the worst pain I have experienced. Basically, there is this bone in your hip, inside is a muscle and inside that is the sciatic nerve. The muscle becomes swollen and because it can’t swell out (due to the bone) it swells in and compresses the sciatic nerve that runs all the way down your leg and up your back. The doctor ordered 2 weeks off of running – which right now feels like 2 years.

I pray that this is a quick recovery if I take the needed down time, because I have set a new goal in my running – as Dean runs into San Fran and back to home, I want to run the last 10 miles with him – maybe even carrying the boom box! It’s exciting to read about his adventure, and I hope to have a few of my own, even if I have to borrow a few of his along the way.

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