An Adventure of Monyamental Proportion!

It was a beautiful morning as Monya and I jogged up the trail that lead us up from the Chantry parking lot up to Mt. Wilson.  I had told her that I wanted her help learning the Bastard course, but my motives were entirely different.

I looked around to see if we were alone on the trails.  As Monya slowed her pace to accommodate mine, I realized it was now or never.  I lunged forward, pushing Monya down towards the edge of the steep switch backs.

“What the hell??”  Monya shouted, turning quickly to defend herself.

I grabbed a rock.  “I want to be the fastest female Bastard, bitch!” 

I was quickly on top of her, aiming  the rock for her head as her mad ninja skills came into play, rolling out from under me and jumping to her feet in a single movement.  Then she was off and running quickly down the trails, skinned up, with a sprained ankle but still entirely faster than I could go.  Crap, there was no way I would catch her now.

“And that’s how I’m telling the story,”  Monya smiled as we hiked up the Mt. Wilson trail, Starbucks in hand.  How we ended up climbing, rather than descending down Mt. Wilson with coffee after our adventure from Chantry is another story entirely.  Let’s start at the beginning with the real one…

Monya and I had opted to run about half of the Bastard course this morning, to practice for our end of the year 50k.  We left her car at Bailey Canyon and took mine to Chantry.  I didn’t know exactly where that trail connected to Jones Peak so that was our main goal for today.  Well, that and some girl bonding time, the only way Monya and I know how to do it.

I was huffing and puffing to keep up with her in the first few miles and kicking myself for training the morning before with the Bastards knowing that I’d be running with one of our fastest runners today.  But Monya took it easy on me as we fell into our groove, sharing stories while conquering a mountain together.  A perfect way to spend a Sunday!

I noticed Monya wasn’t carrying much with her, which is characteristic of the way she likes to run, but for some reason I suddenly started wondering where she had put her car key.  “You do have your key, right Monya?”

“Yeah it’s in the Jeep.”

“My Jeep or yours?”

“Yours,” she said as she finally realized where I was going with this.  We were two miles into our run with no way to get back into her car once we reached it.

We both laughed and headed back towards my car, conversation continuing.  I tripped over a rock and we started talking about how we were both pretty lucky neither of us had really taken a hard fall so far this season.  Halfway through a sentence, suddenly I hear the familiar sounds of a faceplant behind me, and Monya laughing hysterically.

“Are you ok??”  I asked, laughing a little too at this point.

“Totally!”  She smiled.  She hadn’t been back up and running long before it happened again, this time, twisting her ankle.  Less laughter when that took place.

“We can call it a day when we get back to my car if you want.”  I offered.

“No, I’m good!”  She said.  “I want to show you Jones Peak.  Besides, I blame this on not having coffee.”

“We can fix that!”  I smiled.

Arriving back at my car, our first stop was Starbucks for lattes.

“You want those with whipped cream?”  The barista asked.

“Yes please!”

We restarted our ‘hike’ this time (easier on Monya’s new ankle injury) from the Mt. Wilson Trailhead, which although from the wrong side, would still connect us to Jones Peak.  We laughed at the funny looks we got as we passed people further and further up the trails, with our coffees in hand.

Monya once again proved what a bad ass she was, as she took off her shoe after the run to reveal a badly swollen ankle.  But despite a few minor hiccups, it was actually an adventure for the books. Sometimes these seemed to be the days that I truly lived for, the stories that come from the trials and tribulations the trails bring with them.  I was lucky to have people in my life that would face those unknowns with me, whether in a 100 mile race, or in a simple Sunday afternoon, with coffee in hand!

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Caspian November 27, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Very entertaining. Your talent in writing is as good as your racing in Mount Wilson (if not better). Thank you for putting the time to write all this :)


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