Rites of Passage

In some parts of Brazil, boys have to stick their hands in a glove filled with bullet ants. One sting from this creature can supposedly feels like getting shot with a bullet. It also takes about 24 hours for the pain to recede after getting stung. These boys have to do this 20 times before becoming a warrior of the village.

In a sick and twisted sort of way, I think Brazil has it right. I’m not about to stick my hands into gloves filled with angry bullet ants, but pain is the test of a person’s true character. It is only at that extreme threshold where we break down all of our walls and find out who we really are.

I was able to identify some of that in me during Javelina, but I am nervous about tomorrow. That will be my last one on one session with Eric before officially beginning CrossFit. He warned me that what I will go through will probably leave me passed out on the floor. I’m not scared of pain or working hard, but I am scared of finding that pain threshold in me. Will CrossFit finally be the thing that shows that to me? Is there a time when I will just give up? I haven’t found that point yet but I would hate that about myself if that was the case.

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