Starting Over

I’ve never really believed in New Years resolutions. But January 1st seemed like a perfect date to start everything off right. My injury is almost healed and I’m officially running again. I went through my CrossFit Level 1 certification and although I couldn’t participate as much as I wanted, I learned so much and was eager to get back.
I didn’t get into the Western States 100. That was a hard day for me. So this year, I will just focus on qualifying again and getting stronger so that when that course and I do come face to face, I have the strength and courage to make it to the finish line. Dmitry didn’t get in either but both of us plan line up at the start line of the San Diego 100 in June, assuming those lottery gods smile upon us. And thus begins training again.
Before my heart could officially give in to the idea of running 100 miles again, there was something I had to do. As Carl and I drove back from a run in the Verdugos, we took a detour through the Angeles Crest Forest. Devistation was the first and only word that came to my mind. I breathed deeply and tried not to let tears come to my eyes. If I did, they would never stop flowing. We stopped the car and I looked over my sanctuary that now looked like a wasteland. I was ready for the AC 100. I would have made it across that beautiful forest. Then the fires came and that land that had become a part of me burned away, leaving me with health issues and a sad heart. I wasn’t in a good place, physically or otherwise to run Javelina. I know that now. On Friday, I let all that go, and vowed to be back to heal my forest soon.
And now, it is time to heal myself. I’m excited to start training again the way I was when I was training for Angeles Crest. And I have a lot to look forward to this year. 1…2…3… pick up the bar!

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